Your Top 3 Questions from the Webinar, Answered!

On Thursday, July 25th, I hosted a webinar entitled Make Your Hotel Shine Online: Shift to a Visual Experience. The webinar featured two knowledgeable speakers, Monica Goldstein, Lancaster Hotels and Greg Oates, Hotel Media Strategist. We had some great inquiries from a very lively audience.  Here are the answers to your top questions!

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Kate asked: What do you do for midscale properties that don’t have all of the wonderful amenities?

Even though your property may not have the full array of features that others do, that doesn’t mean you can’t tell a compelling story. The trick is to find inspiration and run with it! Ideas for your hotel’s story can be found by reading reviews, asking guests and don’t forget to check in with your staff. Your story doesn’t necessarily have to include upscale amenities. Guests may appreciate your hospitable service, pet friendly location (e.g. next to a dog park), short distance from the highway or other possible features that make your hotel unique. Often times, it’s the simple nature of your particular offerings that set your hotel apart from your competition.

Tristan asked: What is the best way to get your guests to “like” the hotel’s Facebook page?

Tristan, there are several ways to encourage guests to “like” your hotel’s Facebook page. One popular way is by providing special offers to those you’d like to engage. For example, let current guests know that if they check out your Facebook page, it’ll reveal how they can save 20% on their next stay, etc., or post interesting content accompanied by visuals. A stat from Hubspot reveals that photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes than the average post. If your property uploads interesting material that your fans “like,” remember that it will also show up on their friends’ newsfeeds, expanding your reach. Leveraging contests that attract fans to share your material in return for a chance to win is a great way to get maximum coverage for your  Facebook page.

Sakura asked: My hotel is not really close to popular destinations. Do you have any other suggestions on what we can show and highlight?

Of course! Although your property may not be located near popular landmarks, there are other ways you can highlight your location. For example, if your hotel is in close proximity to a major highway, you can feature its locale as a convenient stop for weary travelers, campers, or truck drivers who are looking for a handy place to stop so they can be on their way early the next day. Don’t overlook sports arenas in your area.  Many teams search for a hotel for weekend tournaments,  so they look for a place that’s nearby, perhaps even one that offers a complimentary buffet breakfast as well. Every hotel has a story that should clearly let shoppers in on why they should choose you.  Read reviews.  See what your competition is writing about.  Then, describe your unique attributes and match them with photos, virtual tours or videos to complete the story and ensure its told on all the travel websites consumers are visiting.

Thank you for the terrific questions this week.  If there is additional information you’d like, please submit them in the comment box below.  Perhaps you couldn’t join us for the live webinar – no worries, you can watch the whole presentation here.

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