Your Top Facebook Webinar Questions, Answered!

Facebook is the father of social media and is a vital part of all marketers’ social media strategies with over a billion active users.  In our recent webinar:  Making the Most of Facebook for Your Hotel, we had an active audience who asked some great questions of our speakers.  Here are some of the top inquiries:

Facebook Webinar

Tamara asked: Is it recommended to keep changing the profile picture of your Facebook page?

Great question Tamara, your profile picture is a critical part of your Facebook marketing.  It should be an image that represents your hotel.  Your profile picture is shrunk down  to a thumbnail that appears beside every post you make.  Viewers begin to associate that image with your hotel, thus building brand awareness.  By changing that image you may become unrecognizable. Best practices suggest keeping your profile picture consistent for a more engaged following.

Marguerite asked: Any advice on an overall strategy to get more “Likes” or more interaction on pages, without seeming desperate or annoying people with invitations?

There are several ways to build engagement on Facebook.  The first is using larger, unique photos in every post.  Timelines are geared to display images, so take advantage of this by adding pictures of your hotel’s features and amenities.

“Pinning” important posts to the top of your feed is a great way to gain “Likes” and comments.  A relatively new feature on Facebook is “highlighting” a particular post, which allows you to expand a specific post to take up the full width of your feed. Both pinning as well as highlighting are great ways to draw the viewers’ eye to a particular message.

Don’t forget to engage your fans.  Facebook is a great place to talk about your hotel and your story, and fans are part of that story.  Take a picture of guests enjoying your property and share it on Facebook (with their permission, of course). By tagging the guest they will see you used their photo and be more likely to share and like the post.

Todd asked: How often should we post updates and photos on our Facebook page?

This is a question we’re often asked, and one that marketers have been in debating since the beginning of Facebook. Here at VFM Leonardo we find that posting less than twice a week can cause a loss in engagement, while posting more than twice a day may flood your viewer’s timeline and cause them to “un-like” you.  It also comes down to how much your hotel can manage.  To help with this, we suggest using a social media calendar to keep track your posting schedule and content.

Chelsey asked: What are some of the best apps to use?

A great way to encourage Facebook users to “Like” your page is by making a special offer available to them specifically. VFM Leonardo’s “Special Offer”,” “Booking,” and “Virtual Tour”  apps  do a great job of highlighting your hotel’s amenities using visuals and allowing the viewer to book without ever leaving your Facebook page.

Thank you all for the great questions, if there are more questions you’d like answered, submit them in the comment box below.  If you missed the webinar you can watch the whole presentation here.

To learn more about social media best practices download our guide: The Hoteliers Ultimate Guide to visual Storytelling on Social Media

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